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Does The Headliner In Your Car Need To Be Replaced?

If the fabric on the ceiling of your car is smelly, stained, or falling down, it may need to be completely replaced. In some instances, it may be able to be repaired. There are DIY options and also shops that specialize in headliner repair. Read on for a guide to help you make your decision.

The interior of your car got wet.

Headliners have foam under the fabric that can become infested with mold or mildew spores. If the interior of your car got wet due to window being left down or a leaking sunroof, you may need to replace the headliner. Does the interior of your car have a moldy smell? Not only is this smell unpleasant, mold spores can make you or your passengers sick. If your believe that your headliner has mold or mildew, it would be best to take your car in to a service to get the entire headliner replaced.

Does your headliner have moisture stains but no musty smell? You can clean the stains yourself or take your car in to be detailed.

To clean the stains at home, dab the fabric with diluted laundry detergent, non-bleach spray cleaner, or vinegar diluted with water. Make sure to spray the cleaner on a rag or microfiber cloth, rather than directly on the headliner. The headliner is glued in and some cleaners may loosen the glue if the cleaner saturates the fabric.

Your liner is sagging down.

In older vehicles, the foam will start to disintegrate and the glue around the headliner will weaken, making it sag down. If the foam is bad, but the fabric is in good shape, you can replace the foam yourself and glue the liner back in over the new foam. Or if the liner is sagging down and the fabric and foam are in decent condition, purchase glue to tack the headliner back up yourself. Hardware stores sell headliner repair kits and glue.

However, if the fabric itself is in bad shape, as well as the foam, it would be best to get the entire headliner replaced.

The fabric is ripped.

If the foam is in good shape still, you may want to repair the fabric rather than completely replace it. If the tear is on the smaller side, you can sew the tear or glue it back into place. You can also use the aforementioned headliner repair kit or take your car into an auto service shop for a headliner repair service.