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Looking To Have Your Vehicle Painted? Here's 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Regardless of whether your vehicle was involved in an auto accident or you are simply looking to spruce up the look of your vehicle, you want to make sure the paint job is done correctly. Otherwise, you could end up spending far more than you like in repairs having to have the job done again. Painting a vehicle isn't something just anyone can do. It takes a lot of time and precision to make sure the job is done properly. Here are four common mistakes people make when trying to paint their vehicles on their own.

Using the Wrong Sandpaper

One of the biggest mistakes made when preparing a vehicle to be painted is not using the right type of sandpaper. You have to remember that all sandpaper is not the same. When taking on a major painting project, you need to make sure you have the right one to prevent additional issues. Proper preparation is essential for a good paint job.

Wrong Curing Times

Oftentimes, people end up rushing through their paint job because they don't have enough time to do the job right or they are simply too impatient to give the paint time to cure. You don't want to apply multiple layers of paint on the vehicle all at the same time. It can cause it to bubble. Paint curing is best left to professionals who have a proper paint booth.

Using Older Products

Products that weren't stored at the right temperature or are simply too old aren't going to be the same quality as those that are fresh and new. If you want the best looking paint job, you need to use new products.

Poor Weather Conditions

Even though you might not think about it, there is a right temperature for painting your vehicle. Ideal weather conditions can only truly be obtained with the help of a body shop that has a spray booth. Otherwise, you are continuously fighting an uphill battle with Mother Nature. Poor conditions cause discoloration, bubbling, blushing and dust particles in the paint itself. All of these things can be avoided by letting the repair shop handle it for you.

Your best bet for making sure your vehicle looks amazing at all times is to take it into a professional auto collision repair facility like Convoy Collision and Auto Body and have them do the work for you. They have the proper tools and equipment to make sure everything is done correctly right from the start.