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Repair Your Car's Damaged Clear Coat Quickly And Easily At Home

The clear coat on your car may start to fade, crack, and even chip away if your car is constantly parked outside in the sunshine. This happens because the exposure to the sun starts to break the clear coat down over time. If you notice that the clear coat on your car has started to become faded or is chipping and breaking, use the following guide to learn how to properly handle the situation on your own.

Wash Your Car

The first thing you need to do is wash your car thoroughly. You need to remove all dirt and debris from the surface of the car so that nothing gets into the paint when you apply it to the surface of the car. Allow the car to air dry. Do not use towels to dry the car because they can leave small fibers on the car that will then get into your paint.

Polish Your Car

Purchase a kit that is made to replace the clear coating on a car from an automotive supply store. You will need to use a polisher to apply the cutting compound onto the areas where the auto paint is peeling or cracking. The compound will remove the clear coat that is on the car gently so that you do not have any grooves or dents in the surface of the car. Once the clear coat has been removed, apply the finishing polish. The finishing polish will restore the look of your car so that you cannot even tell that the clear coat was damaged. The polisher does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is move it back and forth over the damaged areas so that everything can be polished evenly.

Seal the Newly Applied Polish

Once the car has been polished, you want to lock in the polish with a great sealant. Apply the sealant the same way you would apply a wax when you wax your car. Soft, gentle circles with a microfiber towel over the damaged area should seal the polish in well. Be sure to apply a few coats of the sealant to make sure the car looks as finished as it can.

Be sure not to rush the process because you need to complete each step thoroughly to create as professional a finish as you can. The entire process does not take too long to do and will leave your car looking as good as new. Protect your car from future damage by using a car cover when it will be parked outside for extended periods of time.