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3 Crucial Facts You Need to Know about RV Collision Repair after an Accident

Given the high cost and value of most recreational vehicles, the damage to an RV after an accident can be both overwhelming and expensive. It is important to note that RV collision repair often requires specific and varied skills that the average body repair specialist does not always have. Therefore, asking the following questions prior to repairing your RV is a good idea.

#1-Where Will the Replacement Parts Be Sourced from?

The use of used and off-brand parts has been controversial in some circles in recent years. While both of those options are often available at a lower cost than vehicle-specific parts are, the warranty associated with those parts may be limited. In addition, it is also possible that the use of alternative parts on an RV that is under warranty could compromise, lessen, or even void that warranty. 

On the other hand, RV repairs are not cheap, and the possibility of saving money on that service may outweigh the aforementioned fears. Regardless, you have the right to know where the parts on your recreational vehicle are coming from and then to make your own informed decision as to what the best choice will be.

#2-How Binding Is the Written Estimate Going to Be?

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for customers to believe that the body shop is not allowed to charge a higher amount than indicated on the written estimate. The truth is that there are many variables that can impact the total cost of collision repair to your recreational vehicle. Examples include difficulty finding affordable parts, new upgrades to the RV that you have requested, and restoring aspects of the vehicle that were not present in the recreational vehicle at the time of its purchase, such as solar-powered lights or improved bathroom accessories. 

In order to prevent an unpleasant case of sticker shock when you get the repair bill, verifying how accurate the estimate will be is a good idea. In addition, you may want to consider asking to be informed first if the repairs exceed the expected cost.

#3-How Much Experience Do the Repair Specialists Have Working on RVs?

A final consideration is easy to overlook but can be essential to your satisfaction with the repairs your RV receives. Specifically, you will want to make sure that you are entrusting your recreational vehicle to qualified and experienced professionals. Therefore, it's best to speak with the persons who will be repairing the vehicle and ask vehicle-specific questions.   

For instance, this would be a good time to ask whether a damaged stair would be repaired or replaced and how that determination would be made. As part of that determination, the future use of the RV could play a role, since anyone living in the RV full-time can be expected to put more wear-and-tear to the unit. 

In conclusion, repairing your recreational vehicle when it has been damaged as the result of an accident is a big decision and, hopefully, one that you will never need to make again. As a result, asking the questions listed above of any repair facility is the best way to be sure that you have made the best choice.