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How Hail Can Damage Your Car And Options For Repairs

Hail does a lot of damage to cars. The ragged balls of ice can chip windshields, crack glass, and dent metal when they plummet to the ground. Be sure to examine your car after a hail event to look for small dents and damage to paint. Small dents can be difficult to see if the light isn't shining on them just right, so give your car a close look and have repairs done if you find any damage. Here are the options for hail damage repair services for your car.

Paintless Repairs Might Be An Option

Small dents from hail can often be repaired without having to strip the paint or paint your car since auto paint has some flexibility and doesn't always crack when it's dinged or bent by a dent. However, the location of the dent might come into play as well, because the auto technician has to reach the back of the dent to push it back out. Take your car to a repair shop for an inspection. They can use special lighting to locate dents you have overlooked. The inspection will show the number of dents that need repairs and the repair methods that will work the best.

Paintless repairs are a good option that is less expensive than traditional repairs, plus the work goes fast. Pushing the dent out from the inside is often a good way to repair small dents from hail.

The Dents Might Be Filled In

Another option for repairing dents from hail, especially in places where the dent can't be reached from the back, is to fill in the dent so the surface is level and then paint over it with a paint color that matches the color of your car. Painting the repairs may also be necessary if you have an old car with less flexible paint that cracked and split along the area of the dent. These areas need to be treated and painted so the metal doesn't rust.

The challenge is to find a close paint color so the repairs are invisible. This could prove difficult with an old car, especially if there are multiple dents that need to be painted over. In that case, a new paint job might possibly be needed to restore your car after it's been pummeled by hail.

Another thing to consider is if the clear coat on your car is damaged by the hail. If you have a newer car, it might have a top clear coating on it that protects the paint. If it's damaged by hail, you may find white spots all over your car or in the area where dents are located. Let a professional assess the damage to your car so you can work with your insurance company to get the repairs your car needs.