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5 Common Types Of Auto Collision Repairs

Your vehicle suffers different types of damages in a collision, each requiring a specific auto collision repair. The severity of the damage you face often depends on the crash's impact. In addition, you will have to take your vehicle for inspection and repair after a collision with another car or object.

Discover five typical auto dent repairs that you could face after a collision accident.

1. Bumper Replacement 

The role of your vehicle's bumper is to absorb shock from an accident to prevent extensive damage. To that effect, bumpers absorb most of the impact during a crash. However, based on the severity of the impact, your bumper may suffer destruction that calls for repair or replacement. Always find a reputable mechanic to determine the cause of action to restore your bumper's functionality.

2. Paintless Dent Repair

Your car may get dents due to the impact, but dents do not always interfere with the paint job. In cases where your paint job is still intact, your auto dent repair service provider makes a paintless dent repair. The repair removes the dent from your vehicle and does not interfere with your paint. As a result, you get your car back as good as a new one.

3. Paintwork

Paintwork is arguably the most common repair you will face after an accident. Often, collisions cause scratches that remove your layer of paint and expose your vehicle's inner surface. Apart from the unpleasant appearance, a scratch may not seem big of a deal, but the exposed inner layer is prone to rust. Your vehicle may only need a touchup, or you will repaint the whole car for severe damage.

4. Window Repairs or Replacement

Your vehicle windows prove vital to keeping you safe from the elements as you drive. Nonetheless, since glasses are more delicate than the metallic parts of the car, your windows shatter or face severe damage during collisions. You will need a repair for minor damages, but a replacement will do if your windows get destroyed beyond repair.

5. Body Filler

Some dents are often severe or too profound that your auto dent repair mechanic must add some material. First, the mechanic adds a body filler to fix the dent in such cases. Then, the material gets smoothened all over, and a new coat of paint gets added to conceal the material and get your vehicle's normal appearance.


Accidents happen daily on the road, a good number involving collisions. You are better off if you understand the types of auto collision repairs you are likely to face. If you encounter a collision accident, always look for a reputable auto dent repair technician to fix your vehicle.