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Is Your Car Body Damaged? 4 Things That Could Be Behind It

When many car owners think about auto body damage, the first thing that often comes to mind is a car accident. However, many things can cause damage to the car's exterior, with some being less known to many people. This is why you should be aware of the common causes so that you can address them as soon as possible. Failure to seek timely repairs may compromise your vehicle's safety, depending on the reason for your damage. Learn more about the causes of auto-body damage in this guide.

Low Impact Accidents

At some point, you may experience a fender bender that causes damage to the vehicle's exterior. Based on the crash impact, your car may have scratches or dents. It's also possible for your vehicle to have frame damage. Given that the damage is minor, you may not think it's necessary to seek auto body repairs. But professional assessments will ensure that your car is roadworthy and that the underlying issues don't become worse. 

Damage Resulting From Negligence

Sometimes taking extra precautions will prevent your vehicle from sustaining exterior damage. For instance, when parking in a public space, be cautious about where you park your vehicle. First, ensure there is ample space between your car and other vehicles. This will prevent incidents where another car door hits your vehicle as a passenger exists. Also, watch out for stranded carts in parking lots to prevent them from rolling into your car.

Damage Due To Inclement Weather

The changing seasons can cause colossal damage to your vehicle's exterior. For instance, the paint will fade when your vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time during summer. During fall, the strong winds carry debris with tiny rocks that may cause windshield damage and dents to the body. You may also experience such damage if you have experienced severe weather like a hailstorm.

Damage By Concrete 

When concrete falls on your vehicle, you should remove it quickly to prevent it from drying on the car. When it's dry, it will come off with the car paint. Therefore, one way to prevent concrete from sticking to your vehicle is to avoid driving or parking close to construction zones. You should also park your car far from the garage when using concrete to renovate the area.

Vehicles are at risk of exterior damage from the elements and careless drivers. Therefore, if you experience auto body damage from the issues mentioned above, seek timely repairs. This will prevent you from dealing with costly repairs down the road. Reach out to an auto body repair shop near you to learn more.