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Protecting Your Car With A Powder Coating

Protecting the body of your vehicle can limit the risk of it needing expensive repairs, and it can also help to preserve the resale value of the vehicle. A powder coating can be one of the most effective options for preserving the exterior of your vehicle.

Powder Coating Protects More Than Just Your Vehicle's Paint

Individuals will frequently be under the belief that a powder coating is only used to protect the exterior paint of the vehicle. While protecting the paint can be an important benefit of using powder coatings, you should avoid assuming that this is always the primary benefit. Rather, it is common for powder coating to also be applied to any exposed metal of the vehicle. This can reduce the likelihood of corrosion while also preserving the shine of the chrome.

Chips And Scratches Should Be Repaired Before The Powder Coating Is Applied

If there are any chips or scratches in the car's exterior paint, they should be repaired before the powder coating is applied. While it is possible to apply a powder coating over these damaged areas, you will be unable to patch this problem in the future without having the powder coating removed. This could make repairs more difficult and costly to complete. Prior to scheduling for the vehicle to undergo a powder coating, the entire exterior should be assessed for signs of these types of damage so that the repairs can be scheduled before the powder coating treatment.

With Proper Care, A Powder Coating Can Last For Many Years

While there are many different options that a person can choose to protect their vehicle, powder coatings can be among the most durable. Depending on the level of care that you provide, the coating may be capable of lasting for a decade or longer. To maximize the results of the powder coating, the exterior of the car will need to be regularly washed. This can remove dust and dirt that may wear down the powder coating through abrasion. While the coating can be very durable, exterior body damage, such as deep scratches and collision dents, can compromise the powder coating. Fortunately, it is possible to reapply the powder coating once this damage to the vehicle has been repaired. This may involve the removal of the previous layer of powder coating so that the new one can be applied. While this may add to the repair and restoration time, it can ensure that your vehicle will once again be protected against corrosion.

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